About us

Krishna District Lorry Owners Association:was established in 1953. Goods transport was highly disorganized in those days and lorry owners were few with plenty of problems. Some enlightened operators visualised the need to organise themselves into an association to make concerted efforts to solve their problems. The result was the formation of "the krishna district lorry owners association"in 1953 and registered in 1966 at the instance of the registrar of Societies with comprehensive and well defined byelaws. Vijayawada, a historical place in Andhra-Pradesh is a commercial hub with its largest railway junction in India.Krishna district lorry owners' association, with the financial assistance from ministry of road transport and Highways, established Model Driving and Training Institute and Research Centre incurring approximately 5.5 crores on its investment,



32KM away from Vijayawada, enroute Bapulapadu Mandal, (Telaprolu- Bandarugudem route)at Ampapuram village. Hon. Chief minister of A.P., Dr. Y.S. Rajasekhar Reddy and the central minister Hon. Muniyappa, Ministry of Road Transport And Highways inaugurated this institution on August 27th, 2005. MDTIRC as a non-Govt organization was granted 4 crores from central Govt. for its developments. The balance of Rs/- 1.5 crore was collected by the members of the association. Training to the untrained drivers is given here. Nearly 500 people are being trained in institute providing them with all facilities under single roof. This institution is named as Modern Driving Training Institute and Research Centre and is one of the largest training Institutions in India.


KDLOA is to look after the transport Regulation, management and M.V revenue collection for the District. Its mission extends to a user friendly and environment friendly transport system in the District and modernization with the growth of vehicle population accompanied by manpower constraint in Government Sector. Our vission to make a technology based administration, monitoring, enforcement information system in order to ensure a safe, comfort & efficient road transport mechanism and management for the people of the District.


1. Preventing Road Accidents & Conducting of Necessary Programmes for the Development of the Transport Industry

2. To Create Awareness Among Drivers On Road Signs & Traffic Rules

3. To give training of the drivers in a scientific Manner pefore they go for Heavy Vehicle Driving.

4. Improving of driving skill by giving refresher Training to Heavy Vehicle Drivers

5. To create awareness among drivers on road accidents

6. To create awareness among drivers on the Latest Technology in the automobile industry

7. To give training on the eradication of Vehicle pollution

8. To give special training on fuel saving

9. Giving training in rendering of First Aid to road accident victims and shifting them to medical help

10. To create awareness among drivers on HIV/AIDS in the Transport Industry & Public in order to curb its expansion

11. To create employment for the unemployed Youth